Digital innovation is here to stay.
We invite you to participate in this survey to uncover how different industries and companies are succeeding and/or challenged with executing on innovation initiatives.

When answering the survey, you will first hand receive:
1 the survey results, 2 a practical booklet (digital) describing how to build and structure your own innovation ecosystem, 3 invitation to a webinar at which the survey results are discussed and debated.

Who’s behind the survey?
The survey is conducted in close collaboration between Tendayi Viki, Forbes contributor and author of the international management bestseller The Corporate Startup; and the innovation & design firm 1508.

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Estimated completion time: 10 min.

To what extent do you agree with the following statements about your company:
Within our company, our executive board provides clear support for innovation. *

0 = Not aware
1 = Low degree
6 = Strong degree
Our company monitors the market and business environment for key trends and changes it needs to respond to. *

Our company has a clearly articulated innovation strategy. *

Most employees within our company are aware of our innovation strategy. *

Our investment decision making is aligned to our innovation strategy. *

All the innovation projects in our company are aligned to our innovation strategy. *

Our company has an innovation focus that covers the range of core, incremental and transformational products and services. *

Our company is making balanced innovation investments across our core, incremental and transformational products and services.

Our company has a clear innovation framework for taking innovation projects from idea to scale.

Most employees use the company’s innovation framework as a guide for best practice.

Our company has investment boards that manage investments in innovation. *

Our investment boards use the company's innovation framework to ask the right questions before making investment decisions. *

Our investment boards use incremental investments: making small bets, that increase as innovation teams demonstrate traction. *

Our company protects its investments in innovation from budget cuts. *

Our company has clear innovation KPIs for tracking and measuring the success of innovation projects. *

Our innovation KPIs and success criteria are aligned to our innovation framework. *

There is company wide alignment within our enabling functions on how to manage innovation (e.g. HR, Legal, Marketing, Sales). *

Our company has adopted agile product development tools for innovation. *

Our company has adopted design thinking and/or lean startup tools for innovation. *

Our company uses customer development and/or lean experimentation to develop new products. *

Our company deploys cross-functional multidisciplinary teams to work on innovation projects. *

Our company has a group of innovation catalysts or innovation champions that coach and work with product teams. *

When it occurs, failure is celebrated as learning within our company. *


Please provide the following information’s about your company:
What is your title at your company? *

How long has your company been in business? *

How many people are employed at your company? *

How many countries does your company operate in? *

Does your company serve consumers, businesses, or both? *

What was the annual revenue for your company last year? *

What was the net profit margin % for your company last year? *

What was the annual budget for innovation as a percent of revenues for your company last year? *

Company name (optional, to be kept confidential)

Your e-mail address so you can receive the results (optional, to be kept confidential)

Indicate if you are interested in 60 minutes of free consultancy with us on your innovation strategy or related challenges. *

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Thank you for answering the survey.
We look forward to sharing the results with you.

Have a wonderful innovative day!
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